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The name of my company Wandering 101 Photography was thought up as I was taking one of my favored drives from my home in Washington State down highway 101 to California. My name is Bryan S. Peterson and I am an art photographer based out of Gig Harbor, Washington.

My training is in forensic photography having spent 31 years as a career firefighter/fire investigator. As a forensic photographer my job was to capture “a true and accurate representation” of what I saw at the site I was documenting. Today, like a painter places paint on a canvas, I use a camera, computer and printer to create an image of what I see (or my client wants to see) in my minds eye. Now days my subjects and the situations are much more pleasant.

I create images for commercial clients and private clients alike photographing events, creating portraits and art images. I have published two art photography books; Moments in Time – Gig Harbor through my eyes and Through a Reenactor’s Eyes which can be found at www.blurb.com and was a co-contributor on a third; Union Station The first One Hundred Years, commemorating the history of Tacoma’s Union Railroad Station for the United States District Court, Washington. I am a member of Ebb Tide Cooperative Gallery located in Gig Harbor, WA at 7809 Pioneer Way. If you happen to be in the area stop in and see my art along with many other amazing artists.

Along with my many private clients I have created images for: Far Country Press, Robin Spicer Design, Washington Civil War Association, Fort Nisqually Living History Museum, The Map Company, Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce, Gig Harbor Lions Club and La Marina Rooms, Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy.

You can contact me by phone at (253) 549-6510 or e-mail at bryan6352@msn.com.

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